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In practice, the assurance of equitable security during an electoral process is essential to retaining the participant’s confidence and commitment to an election. Consequently, security is both integral to the goal of an election and an inseparable part of the electoral process. The act of voting, either manually or by using a voting machine or computer, is the fundamental purpose of an election and requires the highest level of tamper evident security.

Inherently, tamper-evident security seals are a critical component of securing the electoral process. Securing ballot boxes, totes, terminals, and transfer bags are one of the basic guarantees of voting integrity. All ballots must be protected from the commencement of voting through to their opening, after the close of voting, for removal of ballot boxes for the official count.

With several methods available for securing ballots its imperative a multi-layered track and trace security seal program is implemented. Depending on your method(s) there are easy to deploy security products and solutions for every option, including real-time tracking and monitoring.

Cardboard Ballot Boxes

  • Secure ballot boxes with a uniquely numbered delaminating security seal such as our KL security label. The KL is a total transfer VOIDING self adhesive security seal. If removal is attempted it leaves a permanent “VOID/OPENED” footprint on the ballot box surface to provide visual evidence of tampering.
  • Designed for disposable ballot boxes of two-piece construction (separate lid) normally have four sealing points (at each top corner). The KL security label comes standard with perforated easy to peel strips on a roll making it simple to apply. Utilize the same KL seal for single piece constructions (fold-down lid) have two sealing points.
  • It is also appropriate to seal ballot boxes with a high tack tape such as our KT+ security tape. Perforated and numbered every 6 inches, the KT+ is a self wound total transfer VOIDING self adhesive security tape.
  • The KT+ is manufactured on a 2 inch core reel for use with a standard tape dispenser. If removal is attempted it leaves a permanent “VOID/OPENED” footprint on the sealed cardboard surface. The void message can be customized with multiple languages, and bar coded with a 1D, 2D, or QR code.



Plastic Ballot Boxes

  • Secure plastic ballot boxes with a uniquely numbered indicative plastic security seal. Numbered plastic security seals provide effective visual tamper evidence and are a practical cost-effective solution.
  • Plastic ballot boxes normally have two sealing points, on a hinged lid and on a sealing slide on the slot. Our Gemini Tote-Seal is specifically manufactured in “twin” sets with identical numbers on each seal. This design makes securing the plastic ballot box an easy assignment and expedites documentation.
  • If the plastic ballot box is also used as the container for transport, apply a light duty cable seal such as our Quick Loc 1.0mm cable seal. The cable seal requires a hand-held cable cutter for removal; see our C7 cutter.

Electronic Voting Terminals

  • Secure electronic voting terminal workstation ports with a uniquely numbered tamper-evident KNR or MRS2 security label.
  • Should an attempt be made to access the ports, the KNR security seal will reveal a visual “VOID/OPENED” message to expose tampering. The MRS2 is a frangible security label that will destruct into small pieces which cannot be resealed to its original form. Both solutions are highly efficient and apply easily within minutes.                                                       

Ballot Transfer Bags

  • Select uniquely numbered indicative plastic adjustable and padlock security seals for securing small zipper bags and large duffle style transfer bags. The adjustable Equilok and Spring-lok are two of the most utilized security seals for this application. 
  • Choose the metal wire hasp Split-Lok or Secure Hasp II padlock seals which offer greater breaking strengths and heighten security. The Split-lok wire hasp is scored at the center for ease of removal. The Secure Hasp II can be scored or unscored. The wire hasp penetrates the body of seal if  attacked.

Ballot Transportation

  • Where ballot boxes are also used as the container for transporting accountable materials to the voting station and from the count back to the electoral management body, its is critical to secure all vehicle door hasps and hinges.
  • Select high security barrier seal such as the 1/8″ Ez Loc Plus cable seal or a Intermodal II bolt seal. Both high security seals come standard with numbering for proper track and trace documentation, and must be removed with cutting tools.
  • Secured ballot boxes, totes, and bags should be covertly tracked with a real-time GPS monitoring device such as the TB-HGR4 or TB-HGD4. The ballot shipments will be monitored from our Track Secure platform 24/7, and alert you if a preset route has been diverted.


As trusted experts of tamper-evident track and trace security since 1873, TydenBrooks ensures election officials have the most diverse security solutions to meet the demands of today’s elections requirements.

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