GPS Security Seals

GPS enabled Security Seals are electronic security seals that uses their geolocation to track the movement of a shipment.. These security seals can replace the traditional single use seal or expand upon the traditional seal for added security. GPS Security Seals can be used by many different devices, such as scanning software that ties to any chosen amount of information. This is beneficial for proper identification and information on the desired shipment.

RFID Security Seals

RFID Security Seals are security seals that use radio-frequency identification to identify and track the desired objects. The RFID is embedded somewhere within the security seal as to ensure it cannot be removed. You can use a reader to track the security seal with your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Track & Trace Security Seals

Track and trace security seals offer just as they are named, the ability to identify, track and trace a product. The seals themselves can be made of plastic, metal, or a combination of materials. They can incorporate advanced technology such as RFID and other electronic surveillance methods. And they are used across industries for a multitude or purposes. Track and Trace security products can grant building access and track an employee, they can track regulated livestock, monitor commercial and recreation fishing and hunting programs, and track valuable cargo as it travels by truck, rail or ship across the country.