New Products

We are continually leading the way in security advances. We have a team of security experts that work diligently to stay on top of security changes. Here you will find the newest products to provide evidence of tampering in their varying forms.

Tamper-Evident Bags

Tamper-Evident Bags are offered in a variety of stock sizes and custom configurations to meet the customer’s need. We offer two versions of tamper-evident bags. One version is the reusable bags, which are secured by inserting the TydenClip into the Tyden Chamber. The other version is the one-time or one-trip bags which features a tamper evident closure system and can only be open by cutting or destroying the bag. Tamper-Evident Bags are used to secure documents, personal effects, cash, or other valuables.

Additional Products

Brand ID & Packaging Enhancements by Stoffel. 

Brand ID includes name badges and packaging enhancements. Name Badges are used in a variety of industries such as restaurants and retail to offer a consistent company-wide identification system and a way to brand your company, personalize your message and communicate promotional offers. Magnetic badges offer convenient employee access control and trackability and can be used as a rewards program or credit card. RFID Badges are used only for access control and trackability.

Packaging Enhancements: No matter the industry, the goals of packaging are the same, to create a unique brand identity and communicate personality. Through a variety of manufacturing processes such as metal casting, aluminium stamping and plastic injection molding. Stoffel packaging enhancements such as seals and medallions, help to distinguish your brand from all others.

Security Tools & Accessories

For some security seals, mainly high security seals such as bolts and cables, may require special tools to apply or remove the seal. Bolt breakers and crimping tools are examples.